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"Before and After" construction and remodeling project photos can tell you quite a lot about General Contractor, Mark Klampe's residential building and remodeling skills and experience.  Check out client testimonials, and call for your FREE ESTIMATE!

Thank you Mark Klampe for squeezing me in between your busy schedule, for all the painting of my 12 ea. interior rooms in my 2400 sq. ft. vaulted ceiling home. Many thanks for the repair work and painting it is totally awesome. I was amazed how quickly you were able to paint all the rooms, including all the repair work of 27 ea. holes my previous husband made in the garage walls and ceiling and in several cabinets, as well the window and plant moisture damage in bathroom and bedroom of the house, and the painting of my rear 40ft. rear patio deck, not only that 2ea. color painting of the exterior siding of the house, I'm so appreciative of the work you have done for me in the last 5 yrs. The house didn't even list on the market in month of December 2016 as the realtor who was going to list it, his wife immediately fell in love with the house and they bought it.

Your friendship is greatly appreciated and your professionalism and skills is what I will pass onto others I come in contact with. Mary Ellen Ramseyer in McNary Estates Keizer, OR.



Bathroom Before and After


We had MGM Bldg. & Remodeling Contr. Mark Klampe perform our master/ bath remodel, removal of 70 gallon bathtub/apron, fiberglass 48in. x 39in. x 78in. shower and carpet,  installing underlayment and new floor tile, installed a large 60in. x 42in. x 82in. full tiled shower & glass door (wheelchair) accessible, complete with handrail and a  new claw foot tub, double partition linen wall removed, re-construction half shower glass wall, We were simply amazed and so thrilled with Mark’s expertise and workmanship  in getting our job completed while we were on vacation in Mexico. Contr. Mark Klampe went above and beyond in keeping us informed in sending us daily pictures showing work performed. We were utterly amazed with all the work accomplished while vacationing, so much so we had him come back and perform our gas insert tile remodel. Highly recommend MGM BLDG. & Remodeling Inc.

Blessings Gary & Barbee Elkins  Turner, OR.      

- Before -



Appreciate all the hard work Contr. Mark Klampe of MGM Bldg. & Remodeling did in getting this deck and stairwell built to code for us… also kudos in expanding our cantilever deck in getting us a much larger deck platform, it is a beautiful job, Mark Klampe gave a lot of extra time and patience along with special attention to our wants and needs in getting our deck completed,  Appreciate  Mark Klampe his work has exceeded our expectations and attention to detail, a job well done!!!!  Thanks again

Rodney & Bodila Berg.  West Salem, OR 

- After -

- Before -

- After -

- Before Pumpless Tub -

- After Bathroom Tub Tile Remodel -


             - Before Bathroom Remodel -

         - After Bathroom Remodel -

- Deck restoration construction includes 64' beam, 7 support posts poured 24"x23" concrete pier blocks -


- New Bruce Wood Flooring Installation -

- Kitchen Remodel Before -

- Kitchen Remodel After -

- Front Doorway Before -

- Front Doorway After -

- Kitchen Countertop Remodel Before -

- Kitchen Countertop Remodel After -

- House Without Deck Before -

- House With Deck Added On After -

- Exterior Painting Before -

- Exterior Painting After -

- Deck Dry-Rot Deterioration Before -

- Deck Restoration After -

- Tile Flooring Before -

- Wood Flooring After -

- Balcony Additions Before -

- Balcony Additions After -

- Old Tile and Tub Before -

- Fiberglass Shower After -

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